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XHALE is the ultimate stress release. It’s an effortless yet very effective fully guided class devoted to letting go. The practice is a unique fusion of ancient breath work and modern-day stress management methods that are aimed to release tension and stress from your body and mind, to ease your anxiety and help you sleep better. It’s like the best hug.


Daily stress causes most of our health problems – heart disease, insomnia, depression, digestive problems, respiratory problems…the list goes on. Xhale helps to release this stress and brings you back into a balanced state. All while it trains your mind and body to develop healthier habits to respond to stress in a more positive way.


Just to mention a few – stress, tension and anxiety release, muscle relaxation, improved breathing and sleeping patterns, detox… Other common “side effects” experienced during and after Xhale class are clarity of mind, feeling happier and lighter, higher self-awareness, emotional release, improved focus, and uncontrollable smiles.