Finding special places to escape the noise of daily life is my favorite past time. Here is a beautiful hideaway in the hills of northern Sweden. And yes, you can stay there.  (please know, this is not a paid advertisement, just me sharing my favorite spots with you as I know these places can be hard to find )

I believe that the design of space and your surroundings have a huge impact on your mental and emotional state. This place evokes nothing but peace for me. The simplicity, the location and the light… I will leave the pics speak for themselves. Enjoy!


Bergaliv Loft House is the first out of four planned getaways on the hillside of Åsberget mountain in the north of Sweden.

The interior of the house is minimalistic and raw intending to clear the room from unnecessary noise and at the same time invite light and space. The sleeping accommodations are arranged on futon mattresses that can be hung on the wall in order to free the room for daily activities. A wooden bench by the window works as a place for rest and reflection as well as seatings during mealtime.

All photos by BERGALIV.SE  ( this is not a paid advertisement )